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13 Nov 2018

We just launched our new browse page - all of the amazing, high-quality resources on Complexity Explorer can now be searched according to topic, type, difficulty, and/or source. 

Here is a little bit about what each of these fields mean: 

Topic:  The Complexity Explorer Team decided these topics... Read more

Complex Systems Nonlinear Dynamics Dynamical Systems

Introduction to Complexity at 20 weeks and much more!

Complexity Explorer / Santa Fe Institute /
24 Oct 2018

Introduction to Complexity at 20 weeks!

We have been running Introduction to Complexity, with instructor Santiago Guisasola, for 20 weeks now.  

So, after 20 weeks what have students been saying?

  • The course is 'comprehensive', 'very clear', 'very synthetic' and is 'a... Read more

Complex Systems Economics Agent-Based Modeling Optimization

August Update: The Challenge is Complete and Complexity Explorer is Getting New Tools!

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13 Aug 2018

Final Results of the Spring 2018 Challenge 

Our newest baby here at Complexity Explorer HQ, the Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge, has run its course and borne its fruit - some incredible coding and analysis by you, our incredible students! 

This spring’s... Read more

Algorithmic Complexity Genetic Algorithms Biology Agent-Based Modeling

May and a bit of June: Complexity Explorer is Lively and Active

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15 Jun 2018

Greetings from CE HQ, Explorers! 

We're now officially in our busy season, with two fabulous courses opening up, our current Challenge Course coming to a close, and a lot going on behind the scenes. We're editing away at a new suite of Complexicon videos, in production for six... Read more

Algorithmic Complexity Genetic Algorithms Biology

What is Algorithmic Information Dynamics, Anyway?

Santa Fe Institute /
14 May 2018

Unsure of whether you should enroll in Algorithmic Information Dynamics? As a brand-new course in a brand-new field, it's understandably somewhat intimidating. Read on to learn what Algorithmic Information Dynamics actually is, why it's so exciting and how it can be useful to you. 

For more than a... Read more

Agent-Based Modeling Algorithmic Complexity

April's Complexity News: So Much New Content!

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30 Apr 2018

Now a solid grip into the year, we here at the Santa Fe Institute are gearing up for the summer. That means desert weather and many visitors to the institute, both of which we all love. Be sure to check back in with us throughout the season for extra interviews, features about our in-person programs and other... Read more

Algorithmic Complexity

Algorithmic Information Dynamics Opens for Enrollment April 30th

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09 Apr 2018

We have an update on our Algorithm Information Dynamics course! 

We have pushed the start date back to June, so the folks at the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab can make everything extra fantastic for you all!  This course was specially designed for Complexity Explorer and will be strongly... Read more

Complex Systems

BIG NEWS: Introduction to Complexity is now open year-round!

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09 Mar 2018

By popular demand, and to serve our mission of ‘make complexity science accessible to all’, we’ve decided that Introduction to Complexity should be available all year round. 

So we made it happen! You can now start and complete Intro to Complexity at any time! All course units and... Read more

Agent-Based Modeling Optimization Economics

Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge: Solve a Classic SFI Problem for a Prize

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07 Mar 2018

By popular demand, we’re proud to announce our first open Complexity Challenge! This time around, anyone can apply to get a spot in the upcoming Challenge and tackle a real-world problem in complex systems. 

Our Challenges are designed to be as open as possible. As... Read more

Astrobiology Fractals Scaling Algorithmic Complexity

February's News: Planning and Preparing for a Big Spring

Complexity Explorer / Santa Fe Institute /
26 Feb 2018

February: A month of energy storage and preparation for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Read on, intrepid Explorers, to see what we've been up to and what we're planning for this Spring!



If you’re a long time Complexity Explorer, you know how much... Read more

2018: Fractals and Scaling, Plus Two New Tutorials

23 Jan 2018


     A new year brings new content and some big goals for engagement and growth of our Complexity Community. Read on to see what you can learn, and how we can grow together. 


Fractals and Scaling, Dr. David Feldman’s course boasting both... Read more

What's so special about Fundamentals of Machine Learning?

Course /
19 Jan 2018

Artemy Kolchinsky and Brendan Tracey are research partners working in scientific applied Machine Learning. 
It's an area that's generated a lot of press and excitement, and in advance of releasing their upcoming tutorial, Fundamentals of Machine Learning, we sat them down to get to why... Read more


Deep, rich and real-world: Computation Theory with Joshua Grochow

Course / Santa Fe Institute / Complexity Explorer /
16 Jan 2018

Dr. Joshua Grochow is no slouch – his robust CV lists him as a former Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellow, current Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at CU Boulder and author or co-author of five published papers – all within 2017! In the midst of this bonkers schedule... Read more

December update, and the End of 2017

27 Dec 2017

2018 Course Schedule

Many of you will be wondering what's coming in 2018 - we're happy to announce that all of our courses will be re-offered, and that Algorithmic Information Dynamics will launch.  At the same time, we'll be working hard to develop lots of completely brand new courses that will launch for the... Read more

Podcast Ep 4: Microbes, Economies & Extinction with Dr. Eric Libby

04 Dec 2017

Dr. Eric Libby exposes the similarities between microbial colonies and human economies. While he can't take the heat, he can help us understand why multicellular life evolved, and why species that are too selfish doom themselves to extinction. 

Listen below, or follow the feed at ... Read more

Boost Melanie Mitchell's Match this Giving Season & New Initiatives

28 Nov 2017

Give Melanie Mitchell and our team a hand! Help support Complexity Explorer’s mission of creating the ultimate home of complexity learning for all.

From November 28th through December 31st, we ask that you give back to Complexity Explorer.  

With your contributions this year so far of ... Read more

From Inspiration of a Challenge to Results and Back (video)

17 Nov 2017

Let John Miller and Matt Koehler take you on a journey of discovery, following the inspiration for the first ever Complexity Challenge, through the results, in this video.  Did the participants solve traffic jams? Did they discover that sometimes it's better to go backwards? Curious about the... Read more

To all students: Has Complexity Explorer Improved Your Life?

16 Nov 2017

As the end of 2017 approaches, it’s time for Complexity Explorer HQ  to pause and reflect on our most valuable asset: you

Complexity Explorer students are some of the most engaged online learners out there, with a course completion rate almost twice that of other... Read more

November: A Month of Reflection and Development

09 Nov 2017

Complexity Explorer HQ (the porch-facing office in SFI) is digging deep and hitting our projects hard this fall in anticipation of a 2018 full of course development and new content. Read on to see what we have in store for you in November - a new swag shop, a new studio, new Green Chile Science, a chance to join us... Read more

The Inaugural Complexity Challenge: from UAVs to checkers and back

Course /
08 Nov 2017

The Complexity Challenges offer an unparalleled opportunity for individuals wanting to flex their complexity knowledge muscles experience the vertigo and thrill of rigorous, creative and collaborative problem solving that is at the core of the best research emerging from the Santa Fe... Read more

Podcast Ep 3: Culture, Mutants & Your Mom with Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand

08 Nov 2017

Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand explains the evolution of culture, art, and language amidst a sea of spice in episode 3 of the Green Chile Science podcast hosted by Paul Hooper.  Listen to the episode to see how this researcher of cultural evolution fared with the hottest green chile you can find in... Read more

Delay and media effects in social networks & other agent-based modeling student projects

Course /
18 Oct 2017

The second run of Bill Rand’s fabulous MOOC, Introduction to Agent-based Modeling, wrapped up September 7th, 2017.  If you haven’t taken this MOOC, you might not know that it not only introduces you to agent-based modeling and how to use it to carry out... Read more

October Announcements: Settling in with a good MOOC

06 Oct 2017

Two Courses Now in Session

Want an intensive learning experience? We have two classes in session you can blitz through to earn a certificate! Liz Bradley's Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches and Dave Feldman's Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos... Read more

September announcements: Master's, Challenges, Courses, T-shirt Design & Podcast

05 Sep 2017

There are some months when it feels like nothing much is happening on Complexity Explorer, as we churn away creating new content and initiatives.  Then, there are months when there is so much to tell our enthusiastic complexity learners we just don't know where to start! This... Read more

Podcast Episode 2: Sports ranking, networks and pizza with Caterina De Bacco

24 Aug 2017

Welcome to the second episode of the Santa Fe Institute's Education podcast, Green Chile Science! As a reminder, this podcast features the Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, asking his scientist guests to chat about their research while downing gut-searing green chile from the ... Read more

Order from Chaos in August

05 Aug 2017

Course Updates

Calling all lovers of chaos, dynamical systems and all things nonlinear! Enrollment is open for two of Complexity Explorer's MOOCs: Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos - perfect for getting your feet wet - and Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches - perfect for diving deeper.  ... Read more

July brings new ventures and features

15 Jul 2017

Green Chile Science Podcast

A brand new venture from the Santa Fe Institute's Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, the Green Chile Science podcast features interviews with SFI researchers in an unusual setting: the Horseman's Haven Café in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The catch: Paul and his guests have to... Read more

Podcast Episode 1: Religion, pain and bonding with Dr. Eleanor Power

14 Jul 2017

Introducing Green Chile Science: An SFI Podcast

Complexity Explorer and the Santa Fe Institute are excited to announce the very first SFI Education Podcast.  Green Chile Science features the Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, and guest scientists from the Santa Fe Institute.  Paul... Read more

Dynamic New Tutorial in June

15 Jun 2017

New Dynamic Games Tutorial

Dr. Justin Grana has finished putting together part II of Dr. Grana's tutorial series on Game Theory: Dynamic Games.  Read a bit more about why he thinks Dynamic Games are so exciting in our latest interview with him here. As Justin says,  the normal form game is just a way to get... Read more

Game Theory II: Dynamic Games has launched

15 Jun 2017

In a follow up to his first game theory tutorial, Dr. Justin Grana has produced for Complexity Explorer Game Theory II: Dynamic Games. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, Justin’s research focuses on game theory applications in various computer science fields. We... Read more

May Update: Agent-based Modeling and More

11 May 2017

Course Updates

Have you been waiting to jump into a session of Agent-based Modeling guided by Bill Rand? Wait no longer! Enrollment is open for the course, which starts June 5th.  With this course you'll gain a deeper understanding of how and when to use agent-based models, and you'll get a chance to build... Read more

Taking Complexity Science Global with our Subtitle Team

10 May 2017

You have to transcribe material on an evolving, highly technical, and unfamiliar subject taught in a foreign language. There are thousands of people relying on the accuracy of your work. Some of the material isn’t even taught in your country of origin, let alone your language, anywhere. Is this a... Read more

Lessons from Barbara Oakley's visit to SFI

10 May 2017

Dr. Barbara Oakley, a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; the Ramón y Cajal Distinguished Scholar of Global Digital Learning at McMaster University; and the co-instructor of the world's most popular MOOC, "Learning How to Learn", spent a week at the Santa Fe... Read more

What's new in the 2017 Intro to Agent-based Modeling MOOC

Course /
08 May 2017

The Introduction to Agent-based Modeling online course is opening for its second session on June 5th, 2017, and the course instructor, Bill Rand, is updating a large section of the course.  He talked to us about the lessons he learned from the 2016 course, what's new for 2017, and why he competes... Read more

April Showers of Complexity

14 Apr 2017

New session of Introduction to Complexity now open

Time to head over to the Introduction to Complexity MOOC if you haven't already.  The course is now live with over 1600 students enrolled. This course is perfect to give you an exciting overview of what Complexity is, and to prepare you to launch into our many other... Read more

Alice in Renormalizationland

14 Apr 2017

In this story, we talk to Simon DeDeo, an assistant professor in the School of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, and the instructor of the new Introduction to Renormalization tutorial on Complexity Explorer.

Give us some background on Renormalization Theory... Read more

Intro to Complexity, Game Theory, and more in March

17 Mar 2017

New session of Introduction to Complexity starting soon

It's the world's best Science MOOC, according to Class Central - Introduction to Complexity is here once more to thrill and capture new students wanting to dip their toes (and then dive headfirst) into the world of complex systems science.... Read more

Competition, Cooperation and Game Theory

16 Mar 2017

In advance of his upcoming two-part tutorial, we asked instructor and Santa Fe Institute postdoctoral researcher Justin Grana about the subject matter, applications, and excitement of Game Theory. 

What is game theory and what are you covering in this tutorial?

Game theory is the standard quantitative tool... Read more

February brings Fractals

06 Feb 2017

Join David Feldman on his journey through the fascinating world of fractals and their relationship to power laws and scaling by enrolling in his highly-rated course Fractals and Scaling, starting February 13th.  Help us spread the word - let everyone in your networks know about this course and convince a few to enroll! If you've... Read more

Farewell 2016 and preview of 2017

23 Dec 2016

Looking back

In 2016, we offered you four courses and seven tutorials, introduced a peer-review system for project evaluation, added private messaging to the forums, increased our resources, syllabi and glossary terms, opened the virtual laboratory with the first series on fractals, and continued to work to keep the website... Read more

Stories from the Agent-based Modeling MOOC

20 Dec 2016

What do climate change, human demographics, consumer choices, invasive species, entropy, voter dynamics, and social inequality have in common? They are all subjects of projects created by students for the Introduction to Agent-based Modeling course, which launched for the first time on Complexity Explorer in June... Read more

December 2016 at Complexity Explorer: Giving, Projects, Courses and More

02 Dec 2016

Give back in December and help us earn our $4000 promised match

As 2016 closes, we want to thank all of our supporters who have contributed with donations, tuition, or buying t-shirts. Thank you as well to those who donated their time creating subtitles for our courses.  Thanks also to... Read more

October Update: Virtual Lab, Intro to Complexity, & More

03 Oct 2016

Course & Tutorial Updates

Melanie Mitchell's Introduction to Complexity is now live, so if you have been thinking of signing up, now is the perfect time!  Share the course with your network and encourage someone new to learn about complex systems today.

Introduction to Agent-based Modeling... Read more

Celebrating our subtitle volunteers

30 Sep 2016

On International Translation Day 2016, Complexity Explorer would like to highlight the selfless and important work carried out by our team of subtitle volunteers.  Since 2014, we have been encouraging our users to help us improve the language accesibility of our courses by donating their time.  503 individuals have... Read more

Peer Review, Nonlinear Dynamics, Private Messaging and More

09 Sep 2016

Course Updates

The courses keep on coming! Liz Bradley's excellent course, Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches, is now live! Professor Bradley and her TA Jessica Petty will be guiding a new batch of students through the course.  If you haven't taken this course... Read more

The Summer 2016 Tuition Experiment

07 Sep 2016

Brief Report on Tuition for Agent-based Modeling

As was previously discussed in our updates, Complexity Explorer's funding source will be coming to an end at the end of 2017.  This summer of 2016, the new course Introduction to Agent-based Modeling was introduced, along with a new paid tuition system. 

... Read more

August Update

02 Aug 2016

Course Updates

It is finally here - our Introduction to Agent-based Modeling course with Bill Rand launched August 1st! The first unit is completely free and will give you a taste of what Agent-based modeling is and why people use it.  If you haven't enrolled, now's your chance to join!

Over 1300 students have enrolled and so far over... Read more

June / July Update: Courses, courses, courses

27 Jun 2016

Course Updates

Your patience is paying off - our courses are starting up again, including our brand new Introduction to Agent-based Modeling with Bill Rand! We will have a course starting every month for four months.  

In July, we start with Dave Feldman's fantastic Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos,... Read more

Agent-based Modeling with Bill Rand

20 Jun 2016

Bill Rand is the lead instructor of the eagerly anticipated new Complexity Explorer online course, Introduction to Agent-based Modeling.  He is an assistant professor of Business Management at the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University. He recently co-authored a textbook on agent-based modeling... Read more

April/May Update: The calm before the storm

13 May 2016

Getting ready for summer

Have things seemed a bit slow on Complexity Explorer lately? Like a swift current under a calm ocean surface, there's more going on here than you may think.  We are working on some major developments that we can't talk about just yet, but will be very exciting.  Many of these... Read more

Dr. Annalee Newitz's lecture: The Urban Species: How Domesticated Humans Evolved

07 Apr 2016

Can an ancient city give us clues to the future of our species in megacities?  Journalist Annalee Newitz was in Santa Fe to give a community lecture regarding the transition our species took as it went from hunter-gatherer to living in permanent dwellings.  Annalee... Read more

Why vector and matrix algebra is fundamental to complex systems research  

Course /
16 Feb 2016

Anthony Rhodes, the instructor of Complexity Explorer’s Vector and Matrix Algebra tutorial, is currently finishing his PhD in mathematical sciences with an emphasis in machine learning.  His current project focuses on situational computer vision, in which a computer algorithm is... Read more

February-March 2016 Update

21 Jan 2016

Time for Tutorials

Here at Complexity Explorer we have been focusing on our math tutorials.  Our offerings have grown quite a bit in a year and we are not planning on slowing down.  In December we released the Vector and Matrix Algebra tutorial with Anthony Rhodes, which has a wide applicability to many fields in... Read more

December Donation Challenge Results

01 Jan 2016

During the month of December, every dollar you donated was matched by another dollar from an anonymous donor, up to $4,000. We reached our goal on December 28th, 2015, and by January 1st, 2016 we raised $7,805 + our $4,000 match

With $11,805 raised, we can cover the cost of ten new tutorials!

Thank you to the ... Read more

January 2016 Update

31 Dec 2015

December Donation Challenge a Resounding Success

We are overwhelmed at the generosity of Complexity Explorer's supporters.  In December, fifty four of you decided to donate funds to help us continue achieving our goals.  Our goal was to match a $4000 anonymous donation with $4000 raised by you.  We are delighted to announce... Read more

December 2015 Update

02 Dec 2015

Give back in December

2015 is reaching an end and we are looking forward to next year - read on below to see more about the courses we will be offering in 2016! There are some familiar faces, and some exciting newcomers as well.  We also have a new story featuring three supporters of Complexity Explorer, and a challenge for you all to... Read more

Meet Gary, Gaetano, and Natalia, Complexity Explorer Star Supporters

02 Dec 2015

The thousands of complexity scholars who take part in our courses not only enrich their own knowledge, they also provide pivotal support to Complexity Explorer through donations, t-shirt purchases, and volunteer time.  We reached out to a few exceptional supporters to learn a little more... Read more

Q & A with Sam Scarpino - Developments in Disease Surveillance

09 Nov 2015

This story forms part of a series of interviews highlighting the work of experts in the field of complex systems science. Dr. Sam Scarpino is an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute and an alumnus of the Santa Fe Institute’s 2010 Complex Systems Summer School. He will soon be joining the... Read more

November 2015 Update

02 Nov 2015

New on our homepage:   The Web of Life and the Ecological Human 

Connor O'Neil summarized Santa Fe Institute faculty member Jen Dunne's Public Ulam Lecture Series held in Santa Fe. Check it out for some fascinating insights into her research, great graphics, and a link to the full lectures on video.   

Course... Read more

The Web of Life and the Ecological Human: In Summary

13 Oct 2015

Over the course of two nights in September, SFI’s Vice President for Science Jennifer Dunne presented two talks on the broad topic of “The Web of Life” to the public of Santa Fe. Her talks, titled “The Hidden Order of Complex Ecosystems” and “The Ecological Human,” were... Read more

October 2015 Update

07 Oct 2015

New on our homepage:   Sid Redner Q&A on Random Walks 

We interviewed Random Walks tutorial instructor Sid Redner.  Find out from him what you can learn when you take his Random Walks tutorial, and also what's so seductive about the arcsin law.  You can read his interview here, and take his course here... Read more

Sid Redner on his Introduction to Random Walks tutorial

Course /
17 Sep 2015

In this post we interview Sid Redner, the instructor for our new tutorial on an Introduction to Random Walks. Sid is a physicist and Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  Prior to joining the Santa Fe Institute as part of the resident faculty, Sid was Professor in the Boston University Physics... Read more

September 2015 Update

25 Aug 2015

New on our homepage:   Liz Bradley and Dave Feldman Q&As 

We interviewed Nonlinear Dynamics course instructor Liz Bradley, and Fractals and Scaling course instructor Dave Feldman.  According to Liz, complex systems and nonlinear dynamics are two sides of the same coin.  Scaling behavior, covered in Dave's... Read more

Liz Bradley brings back Nonlinear Dynamics

Course /
23 Aug 2015

Liz Bradley, the course instructor for Nonlinear Dynamics, takes a few minutes to describe her course, the changes she has made in this second offering of the course, and a little bit about her current research.  Liz Bradley is Professor at the University of Colorado, Department of Computer Science and... Read more

David Feldman describes his new course, Fractals and Scaling

Course /
12 Aug 2015

In this post we interview David Feldman, the instructor for our new "Fractals and Scaling" course. David Feldman is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at College of the Atlantic. He has twice offered a massive open online course (MOOC) on Chaos and Dynamical systems on the... Read more

Website Update: Tutorials

06 Aug 2015

Changes to our web pageTutorials are now separate from each other

If you logged on to work on units from "Mathematics for Complex Systems" today, you may have noticed some big changes.

Each unit is now its own, separate tutorial.  If you have been working through the units, you will have been enrolled in every... Read more

August 2015 Update

03 Aug 2015

New on our homepage:   Connor O'Neil describes a Complexity Panel

A thought-provoking glimpse into the inner workings of the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School.

Course updates:  New fall courses open for enrollment

Enrollment Open:  We are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Bradley's... Read more

The Complexity Panel

28 Jul 2015

By Connor O'Neil

Every summer, graduate students and postdocs congregate at the Santa Fe Institute’s Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) for four weeks to learn, do research, and connect with like-minded peers.  It is an exciting and fast-paced environment that transforms the atmosphere at SFI.  Connor O’Neil of... Read more

July 2015 Update

06 Jul 2015

New on our homepage:   Simon DeDeo talks about his MaxEnt tutorial:

Find out how MaxEnt can help you distinguish the truly complex from what is just complicated

Course Open:  Introduction to Complexity is live starting today!  Over 2,000 people have enrolled.  It's not too late to sign up; spread the word and... Read more

Simon DeDeo talks about his "MaxEnt" tutorial

Course /
10 Jun 2015

In this post we interview Simon DeDeo, the instructor for our new Mathematics tutorial on “Maximum Entropy Methods”. Simon is an Assistant Professor in Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  He is affiliated with the Center for... Read more

June 2015 Update

05 Jun 2015

New article, tutorial, course announcement, new staff member and website changes.  Read on for more.


New on our homepage:   The Accidental Universe:

A Summary of Alan Lightman's recent SFI Community Lecture.

New mathematics tutorial:  Maximum Entropy Methods, taught by Simon DeDeo (Indiana University and Santa Fe... Read more

The Accidental Universe

21 May 2015

A Summary of Alan Lightman's SFI Community Lecture

By Gabrielle Beans

Science and religion—can one exclude the other? Is there such a thing as free will? Does our universe care about life? On May 6th, at the Santa Fe Institute’s Community Lecture at the James A. Little Theater, I sat in a full room pondering these... Read more

W. Brian Arthur on "Complexity Economics"

09 May 2015

In this post we interview economist W. Brian Arthur, a founder of the field of “Complexity Economics”.  Brian Arthur received a doctorate in Operations Research from UC Berkley and has served as both resident and external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the recipient of the Schumpeter Prize in... Read more

April 2015 Update

21 Apr 2015

April 21, 2015


New!  Ties that bind: The goodness of social networks

A summary of Alex "Sandy" Pentland's recent SFI Community Lecture.

Course updates:

Introduction to Complexity will be (re)offered starting on July 6, 2015.  Enrollment is now open!

Agent-Based Modeling in Netlogo has been postponed to Fall,... Read more

Ties that bind: The goodness of social networks

17 Apr 2015

A Summary of Alex "Sandy" Pentland's

SFI Community Lecture

By Mary Hoff


What each of us does over the course of a day — where we go, whom we encounter, what we buy — may seem rather mundane and inconsequential. When aggregated with activities of others, however, our seemingly simple... Read more

Luis Rocha and Indiana University's Network Science Institute

Santa Fe Institute /
12 Mar 2015

In this post we feature complex systems scientist and professor Luis Rocha, of the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University.   Luis directs the Complex Systems graduate program in Informatics.  He has also served on the permanent staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory... Read more

March 2015 Update

12 Mar 2015

March 12, 2015


New!  Interview with Luis Rocha

We talk with complex systems scientist Luis Rocha of Indiana University about his work on networks, and about Indiana's new Network Science Institute:  Read more here.

Mathematics Tutorials

We are still working on two new tutorial units (it always takes longer than you... Read more

Spring 2015 Update

02 Mar 2015

Spring, 2015

Happy Spring to all!  You may have noticed that we are not offering any courses during Spring 2015.  We are using this time to produce our Mathematics tutorials, to add content to our Resources and Glossaries list, and to finally publish entries in the Virtual Laboratory.  In the meantime, all our course materials... Read more

February 2015 Update

03 Feb 2015

New!  Tutorials:

We are offering a new kind of educational resource:  a tutorial.  A tutorial is like a course, except that its units are relatively independent, and it does not have a start or end date, and is available indefinitely.   Anyone can enroll at any time.  The units are entirely... Read more

Jon Wilkins talks about the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship

Santa Fe Institute /
25 Jan 2015

In this post we feature Jon Wilkins, a theoretical evolutionary biologist and the founder of the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship.  Jon received a BA in Physics and PhD in Biophysics from Harvard, as well as a Junior Fellowship in the Harvard Society of Fellows.  Jon has... Read more

Course Statistics from Fall, 2014

Course /
04 Jan 2015

In this week's news story, we report on some statistics from our two online courses that ended in December:  Introduction to Complexity and Nonlinear Dynamics.  These statistics come from the surveys we ask participants to fill out at the beginning of the class, and from class results to date. 

Total... Read more

Dr. Ben Althouse on Diseases as Complex Systems

05 Dec 2014

This is the first in a series of interviews highlighting the work of experts in the field of complex systems science. Dr. Ben Althouse, an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, is a mathematical epidemiologist focusing on the dynamics of infectious disease transmission. Ben holds both an ScM in Biostatistics and... Read more

Introduction to Dynamics and Chaos: Enroll now!

Course /
02 Nov 2014

Have you always wanted to know what "chaos theory" means?  Is the "butterfly effect" real?    How far in advance can weather be predicted?  Why, exactly, does beer warm up? 

If you've been wondering about all this and more, you will definitely want to take Dave... Read more

Why participants take our courses

23 Oct 2014

We recently set out to learn a little bit more about why participants decide to take our courses and what they hope to learn.  We interviewed one participant from each of the courses that are offered this Fall and are pleased to share their thoughts with you. 

Jeffrey Groff is a college physics professor in... Read more

Two international volunteers awarded T-shirts for subtitling

03 Oct 2014

The Complexity Explorer Project is excited to announce that it has awarded our first two free T-shirts to a pair of exceptionally committed volunteers who have each created subtitles for 120 minutes of our videos.  We greatly appreciate their dedication to making our course materials more widely... Read more

Video Subtitling Project: Volunteers Needed

29 Sep 2014

We at Complexity Explorer are thrilled by the progress currently being made on subtitling efforts by our dedicated team of volunteers.  We have received a truly overwhelming response to our call for assistance.  Presently, nearly 300 individuals from around the world are helping to create subtitles for our... Read more

Melanie Mitchell describes upcoming Introduction to Complexity course

Course /
22 Sep 2014

Melanie Mitchell describes our upcoming Introduction to Complexity course in this short video (3 minutes, 47 seconds).   This course has no prerequisites and is open to all!  Starts September 29, 2014. 

Liz Bradley Describes Her Upcoming Course

Course /
07 Sep 2014

Watch Liz Bradley describe her upcoming course in this short video (3 minutes, 42 seconds). 

Mathematics MOOC to be offered

Course /
30 Aug 2014

This fall, beginning on September 29th , we are excited to offer a new course:  “Mathematics for Complex Systems”.  While we’re calling it a “course”, it is meant to be a collection of independent units, each of which covers a particular mathematical technique that is important in complex... Read more

Introduction to Complexity course to be re-offered

Course /
30 Aug 2014

This fall we are pleased to be reoffering Melanie Mitchell’s popular “Introduction to Complexity” course.  This course will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the different tools employed by scientists in their work with complex systems.  Covered topics will include... Read more

Nonlinear Dynamics

Nonlinear Dynamics Course Starts September 29

Course /
14 Aug 2014

During our Fall term, Professor Liz Bradley will offer a 10-unit course called “Nonlinear Dynamics:  Mathematical and Computational Approaches.  This course starts September 29 and runs through December 14, 2014.    This course can be taken by anyone who has taken one semester of... Read more