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Complexity Explorer provides online courses and other educational materials related to complex systems science.  Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute, and is funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and by user contributions.

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Introduction to Complexity (Spring, 2017)

Course Dates:

10 Apr 2017 to 30 Jun 2017


Melanie Mitchell


Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling (Summer 2017)

Course Dates:

5 Jun 2017 to 29 Aug 2017


William Rand

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Recent News

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Dynamic New Tutorial in June

14 Jun 2017

New Dynamic Games Tutorial

Dr. Justin Grana has finished putting together part II of Dr. Grana's tutorial series on Game Theory: Dynamic Games.  Read a bit more about why he thinks Dynamic Games are so exciting in our latest interview with him here. As Justin says,  the normal form game is just a way to get... Read more


Game Theory II: Dynamic Games has launched

14 Jun 2017

In a follow up to his first game theory tutorial, Dr. Justin Grana has produced for Complexity Explorer Game Theory II: Dynamic Games. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, Justin’s research focuses on game theory applications in various computer science fields. We... Read more

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Taking Complexity Science Global with our Subtitle Team

10 May 2017

You have to transcribe material on an evolving, highly technical, and unfamiliar subject taught in a foreign language. There are thousands of people relying on the accuracy of your work. Some of the material isn’t even taught in your country of origin, let alone your language, anywhere. Is this a... Read more

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Interview video

Lessons from Barbara Oakley's visit to SFI

9 May 2017

Dr. Barbara Oakley, a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; the Ramón y Cajal Distinguished Scholar of Global Digital Learning at McMaster University; and the co-instructor of the world's most popular MOOC, "Learning How to Learn", spent a week at the Santa Fe... Read more

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Course Interview

What's new in the 2017 Intro to Agent-based Modeling MOOC

8 May 2017

The Introduction to Agent-based Modeling online course is opening for its second session on June 5th, 2017, and the course instructor, Bill Rand, is updating a large section of the course.  He talked to us about the lessons he learned from the 2016 course, what's new for 2017, and why he competes... Read more

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