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Complexity Explorer provides online courses and other educational materials related to complex systems science.  Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute

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Introduction to Complexity

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Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos

01 Oct 2018 UTC - 16 Dec 2018 UTC

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Recent News

Complex Systems

Browse over 700 Complex Systems Science Resources!

Complexity Explorer /
13 Nov 2018

We just launched our new browse page - all of the amazing, high-quality resources on Complexity Explorer can now be searched according to topic, type, difficulty, and/or source. 

Here is a little bit about what each of these fields mean: 

Topic:  The Complexity Explorer Team decided these topics... Read more →

Complex Systems Nonlinear Dynamics Dynamical Systems

Introduction to Complexity at 20 weeks and much more!

Complexity Explorer / Santa Fe Institute /
24 Oct 2018

Introduction to Complexity at 20 weeks!

We have been running Introduction to Complexity, with instructor Santiago Guisasola, for 20 weeks now.  

So, after 20 weeks what have students been saying?

  • The course is 'comprehensive', 'very clear', 'very synthetic' and is 'a... Read more →
Complex Systems Economics Agent-Based Modeling Optimization

August Update: The Challenge is Complete and Complexity Explorer is Getting New Tools!

Complexity Explorer /
13 Aug 2018

Final Results of the Spring 2018 Challenge 

Our newest baby here at Complexity Explorer HQ, the Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge, has run its course and borne its fruit - some incredible coding and analysis by you, our incredible students! 

This spring’s... Read more →

Complex Systems

BIG NEWS: Introduction to Complexity is now open year-round!

Complexity Explorer /
09 Mar 2018

By popular demand, and to serve our mission of ‘make complexity science accessible to all’, we’ve decided that Introduction to Complexity should be available all year round. 

So we made it happen! You can now start and complete Intro to Complexity at any time! All course units... Read more →

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