Complexity Explorer

Can't see the video in the screen above?  Download it here.

There have been a number of changes to the Complexity Explorer page since the above "How-to" video was produced.  A new video will be released once website changes stabilise in the Fall of 2016.  

Changes that need to be reflected by this video:

  • There is no "Online Courses" tab now: there is a Courses tab and a Tutorials tab.  Courses and Tutorials have been split throughout the site. 
  • Subtitles and subtitle transcripts can now be downloaded for videos.
  • General and mathematical prerequisites have been combined into one "Prerequisites" grouping for courses.
  • There is currently no general forum on Complexity Explorer; just course specific forums.
  • Course specific forums now have private messaging functionality.
  • We now have peer review segments in addition to multiple choice quizzes and tests.
  • Our funding model is changing and some course sessions will be available for a small tuition fee.  All course materials will remain free after a session closes.