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How you can support the Complexity Explorer community!


1.  Submit complex systems resources

We need your help in keeping our site's content up-to-date.  You are encouraged to submit items to:

  • Resources:  Please submit information and links to resources relevant to complex systems (e.g., research groups, courses, tutorials, videos, etc.)

All submissions will be reviewed and if needed edited by our team before they are added to the site.  


2. Use your language skills to subtitle Complexity Explorer videos

Many of the people who take our courses (or who would like to take them) are not native English speakers.  We are looking for volunteers to help subtitle videos in their native languages, including English.  You can volunteer to subtitle any length of video, even just a few minutes.  We are even offering free t-shirts, shipped anywhere in the world, for people who subtitle 120 minutes or more!  


3. Support content development on Complexity Explorer 

You help bring complex systems science to the world through your donations. Our suggested donation is $50, or $25 for full-time students, but we welcome your donation of any amount.  We use your donation to support administration of Complexity Explorer, development of new courses, tutorials, and content, providing scholarships, and making as much content as free as possible.  You can also support Complexity Explorer, and look great doing it, in our shop


4. Give us feedback

We very much value feedback on any part of our site or its content, please tell us what you think or give us suggestions by email.


5. Review our courses on Class Central

Help us get the word out about our world class courses and tutorials by leaving reviews on the MOOC aggregator and news site, Class Central.