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Honoring our Complexity Explorer Users

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29 Sep 2023
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Thank you for being part of the Complexity Explorer community!

Our September newsletter is dedicated to celebrating our users.

  • In 2013, there were 5,547 users registered on Complexity Explorer. In 2023, the platform has grown to 80,981 total users!
  • Introduction to Complexity, our most popular course, has been taken by 45,116 users.
  • Complexity Explorer users are truly a global community, representing 145 nations. See the gif below to watch our community grow over the last 10 years!

A special thanks to those who have completed every course on Complexity Explorer!

We would like to recognize the following individuals who have completed every course on Complexity Explorer and were willing to be named in this newsletter:

Luís Borges, Muhammad Hijazy, David Keck, Jim Llewellyn, Maria Teresa, and John Watkins.

We surveyed the users above on their experience and asked them give advice to newcomers. 

Reflections on the application of Complexity Explorer courses:

  • "Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling... helped me to enrich the math curriculum I teach in elementary/secondary schools."
  • "Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos gave [me] better insight into dynamical systems and their unpredictable nature."
  • "Introduction to Complexity... changed my understanding of the world and the way that I approach different scientific questions. For example, I am currently looking at how to incorporate the traditional qualitative and quantitative methods of collecting data with the methods of generating simulated data (e.g. agent-based modeling) to study the different behavioral issues in organizations."

Advice to other Complexity Explorer users:

  • "Take your time and map out your path through the courses over the next 12 months."
  • "Start with Introduction to Complexity, then advance to the more demanding ones (for me, maybe Agent-Based Modeling and Computation in Complex Systems). Use their "forums" for help and sharing of ideas. Participate. Endure if it gets difficult, for it will pay off. Enjoy!"

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We are so grateful for the growth and continued support of this platform over the last 10 years. Complexity Explorer would not be what it is without our community. The Complexity Explorer team is working hard to continue to expand our offerings and to update our platform.

To find ways to support Complexity Explorer in our efforts, check out our support page here. If you are able, please consider giving a small donation here. Any amount is welcome and appreciated. We use donations to support administration and upkeep of the platform; develop new courses, tutorials, and other content; and offer our Instructors and Teaching Assistants compensation for all of their time.

The Santa Fe Institute is a non-profit research institute, so your donation is fully tax-deductible in the USA. 100% of the amount donated supports directly. 

We are grateful to have you all as part of the Complexity Explorer community. Thank you!

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