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Complexity Interactive, an education farewell, and new content

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17 Sep 2021
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Complexity Interactive

Applications are now open for our third cohort of the Santa Fe Institute Complexity Interactive!

Program Overview

SFI Complexity Interactive (SFI-CI) combines the dynamic interactions of an in-person course with the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world. This three-week, part-time, online course offers participants a theory- and applications-based view of complexity science. Complexity Interactive provides a foundation for thinking broadly about complex systems, encouraging participants to explore syntheses across systems in an open dialog with SFI faculty. The program's size is limited to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to discuss with faculty and with each other. In 2022, the curriculum will explore scaling, robustness, and feedbacks, with a particular focus on sustainability and climate change.

Dates & Times

January 10 - 28, 2022. Live sessions take place 1:00–3:00pm Santa Fe local time (GMT – 6), Monday - Friday. Interest group discussion and group project work are self-scheduled and/or asynchronous and tend to occupy up to 10 additional hours per week.

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An Education Farewell from Carrie Cowan

Complexity Explorer has been delivering courses and tutorials to the complex systems community around the world for almost eight years. Throughout that time, the number of ComplexityExplorer learners has grown and grown, with over 70,000 registered users right now. On average, we welcome over a hundred new users each week!

So why is it so sad to say good-bye to just one Complexity Explorer? 

Friday marks the departure of the intrepid leader of Complexity Explorer, Isa Ruiz, who is taking a job directing communications and online learning for a small health care organization. Isa joined the Santa Fe Institute in late 2019 to lead our online education programs, the foundation of which is ComplexityExplorer. Isa enhanced all of our operating processes behind the scenes in order to both deliver more courses and provide a better learner experience. We hope you noticed, but if you didn't, that's because Isa does things efficiently and flawlessly so the changes just appear - and work. And in the cases where things go wrong (usually because I start messing around in the courses), Isa fixes it, smilingly.

You've been hearing from Isa on an almost monthly basis for the past two years in the Complexity Explorer newsletters. She's provided us all with new courses, exciting opportunities, updates from SFI, and much more. She's been answering your questions at the admin account, and awarding scholarships to our many admirable applicants. We'll make sure all of this still happens after she leaves, even if it's not quite the same without Isa.

Thank you, Isa, for being the heart and soul of ComplexityExplorer! With best wishes for your future,

Carrie Cowan
Director for Education, Santa Fe Institute

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Complexity Postdoctoral Fellowship

Help us spread the word about the Complexity Postdoctoral Fellowship  program at the Santa Fe Institute  – *now* accepting applications until 24 October 2022.

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Coming Soon - Origins of Life

Origins of Life starts October 4th. We are excited to incorporate new content including NASA mission focused talks, speculations of life on Mars, a deeper exploration of earth’s early atmosphere, and more. We also have new assignments and updated supplementary materials.

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What's New


Open Science

Introduction to Open Science is available now. 

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Journal Club


We are excited to introduce a new type of CE content we'd like to have people's feedback on: Journal Club! Let us know what you think.

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All photos by Néstor Morales on Unsplash

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