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May and a bit of June: Complexity Explorer is Lively and Active

Complexity Explorer /
15 Jun 2018

Greetings from CE HQ, Explorers! 

We're now officially in our busy season, with two fabulous courses opening up, our current Challenge Course coming to a close, and a lot going on behind the scenes. We're editing away at a new suite of Complexicon videos, in production for six... Read more

Algorithmic Complexity Genetic Algorithms Biology

What is Algorithmic Information Dynamics, Anyway?

Santa Fe Institute /
14 May 2018

Unsure of whether you should enroll in Algorithmic Information Dynamics? As a brand-new course in a brand-new field, it's understandably somewhat intimidating. Read on to learn what Algorithmic Information Dynamics actually is, why it's so exciting and how it can be useful to you. 

For more than a... Read more

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April's Complexity News: So Much New Content!

Complexity Explorer /
30 Apr 2018

Now a solid grip into the year, we here at the Santa Fe Institute are gearing up for the summer. That means desert weather and many visitors to the institute, both of which we all love. Be sure to check back in with us throughout the season for extra interviews, features about our in-person programs and other... Read more

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Algorithmic Information Dynamics Opens for Enrollment April 30th

Complexity Explorer /
09 Apr 2018

We have an update on our Algorithm Information Dynamics course! 

We have pushed the start date back to June, so the folks at the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab can make everything extra fantastic for you all!  This course was specially designed for Complexity Explorer and will be strongly... Read more

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February's News: Planning and Preparing for a Big Spring

Complexity Explorer / Santa Fe Institute /
26 Feb 2018

February: A month of energy storage and preparation for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Read on, intrepid Explorers, to see what we've been up to and what we're planning for this Spring!



If you’re a long time Complexity Explorer, you know how much... Read more