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Stories from the Agent-based Modeling MOOC

20 Dec 2016

What do climate change, human demographics, consumer choices, invasive species, entropy, voter dynamics, and social inequality have in common? They are all subjects of projects created by students for the Introduction to Agent-based Modeling course, which launched for the first time on Complexity Explorer in June... Read more

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Celebrating our subtitle volunteers

30 Sep 2016

On International Translation Day 2016, Complexity Explorer would like to highlight the selfless and important work carried out by our team of subtitle volunteers.  Since 2014, we have been encouraging our users to help us improve the language accesibility of our courses by donating their time.  503 individuals have... Read more


The Summer 2016 Tuition Experiment

07 Sep 2016

Brief Report on Tuition for Agent-based Modeling

As was previously discussed in our updates, Complexity Explorer's funding source will be coming to an end at the end of 2017.  This summer of 2016, the new course Introduction to Agent-based Modeling was introduced, along with a new paid tuition system. 

... Read more

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Course Statistics from Fall, 2014

04 Jan 2015

In this week's news story, we report on some statistics from our two online courses that ended in December:  Introduction to Complexity and Nonlinear Dynamics.  These statistics come from the surveys we ask participants to fill out at the beginning of the class, and from class results to date. 

Total... Read more