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Podcast Ep 4: Microbes, Economies & Extinction with Dr. Eric Libby

04 Dec 2017

Dr. Eric Libby exposes the similarities between microbial colonies and human economies. While he can't take the heat, he can help us understand why multicellular life evolved, and why species that are too selfish doom themselves to extinction. 

Listen below, or follow the feed at ... Read more


Podcast Ep 3: Culture, Mutants & Your Mom with Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand

08 Nov 2017

Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand explains the evolution of culture, art, and language amidst a sea of spice in episode 3 of the Green Chile Science podcast hosted by Paul Hooper.  Listen to the episode to see how this researcher of cultural evolution fared with the hottest green chile you can find in... Read more


Podcast Episode 2: Sports ranking, networks and pizza with Caterina De Bacco

24 Aug 2017

Welcome to the second episode of the Santa Fe Institute's Education podcast, Green Chile Science! As a reminder, this podcast features the Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, asking his scientist guests to chat about their research while downing gut-searing green chile from the ... Read more


Podcast Episode 1: Religion, pain and bonding with Dr. Eleanor Power

14 Jul 2017

Introducing Green Chile Science: An SFI Podcast

Complexity Explorer and the Santa Fe Institute are excited to announce the very first SFI Education Podcast.  Green Chile Science features the Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, and guest scientists from the Santa Fe Institute.  Paul... Read more