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Dr. Annalee Newitz's lecture: The Urban Species: How Domesticated Humans Evolved /
07 Apr 2016

Can an ancient city give us clues to the future of our species in megacities?  Journalist Annalee Newitz was in Santa Fe to give a community lecture regarding the transition our species took as it went from hunter-gatherer to living in permanent dwellings.  Annalee... Read more


The Web of Life and the Ecological Human: In Summary

13 Oct 2015

Over the course of two nights in September, SFI’s Vice President for Science Jennifer Dunne presented two talks on the broad topic of “The Web of Life” to the public of Santa Fe. Her talks, titled “The Hidden Order of Complex Ecosystems” and “The Ecological Human,” were... Read more


The Accidental Universe

21 May 2015

A Summary of Alan Lightman's SFI Community Lecture

By Gabrielle Beans

Science and religion—can one exclude the other? Is there such a thing as free will? Does our universe care about life? On May 6th, at the Santa Fe Institute’s Community Lecture at the James A. Little Theater, I sat in a full room pondering these... Read more


Ties that bind: The goodness of social networks

17 Apr 2015

A Summary of Alex "Sandy" Pentland's

SFI Community Lecture

By Mary Hoff


What each of us does over the course of a day — where we go, whom we encounter, what we buy — may seem rather mundane and inconsequential. When aggregated with activities of others, however, our seemingly simple... Read more