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Course Update

ASU-SFI Master's Update Summer 2018

03 Jul 2018

Excited for the online masters in complexity science? We thought we'd update you on our progress! 

We are diving deep into filming, aiming for 6 courses filmed by the end of the year.  At this point we have determined a tentative course list, with more to come, and are pushing for a likely Spring 2019... Read more


Algorithmic Information Dynamics Opens for Enrollment April 30th

09 Apr 2018

We have an update on our Algorithm Information Dynamics course! 

We have pushed the start date back to June, so the folks at the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab can make everything extra fantastic for you all!  This course was specially designed for Complexity Explorer and will be strongly... Read more


BIG NEWS: Introduction to Complexity is now open year-round!

09 Mar 2018

By popular demand, and to serve our mission of ‘make complexity science accessible to all’, we’ve decided that Introduction to Complexity should be available all year round. 

So we made it happen! You can now start and complete Intro to Complexity at any time! All course units and... Read more


Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge: Solve a Classic SFI Problem for a Prize

07 Mar 2018

By popular demand, we’re proud to announce our first open Complexity Challenge! This time around, anyone can apply to get a spot in the upcoming Challenge and tackle a real-world problem in complex systems. 

Our Challenges are designed to be as open as possible. As... Read more

Course Interview

What's so special about Fundamentals of Machine Learning?

19 Jan 2018

Artemy Kolchinsky and Brendan Tracey are research partners working in scientific applied Machine Learning. 
It's an area that's generated a lot of press and excitement, and in advance of releasing their upcoming tutorial, Fundamentals of Machine Learning, we sat them down to get to why... Read more

Course Interview

Deep, rich and real-world: Computation Theory with Joshua Grochow

16 Jan 2018

Dr. Joshua Grochow is no slouch – his robust CV lists him as a former Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellow, current Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at CU Boulder and author or co-author of five published papers – all within 2017! In the midst of this bonkers schedule... Read more

Course Interview Profile video

The Inaugural Complexity Challenge: from UAVs to checkers and back

08 Nov 2017

The Complexity Challenges offer an unparalleled opportunity for individuals wanting to flex their complexity knowledge muscles experience the vertigo and thrill of rigorous, creative and collaborative problem solving that is at the core of the best research emerging from the Santa Fe... Read more

Course Interview

Delay and media effects in social networks & other agent-based modeling student projects

18 Oct 2017

The second run of Bill Rand’s fabulous MOOC, Introduction to Agent-based Modeling, wrapped up September 7th, 2017.  If you haven’t taken this MOOC, you might not know that it not only introduces you to agent-based modeling and how to use it to carry out... Read more


SFI and ASU to offer online M.S. in Complexity /
15 Aug 2017

SFI and Arizona State University soon will offer the world’s first comprehensive online master’s degree in complexity science. It will be the Institute’s first graduate degree program, a vision that dates to SFI’s founding.

“With technology, a growing recognition of the value of online... Read more

Course Interview

What's new in the 2017 Intro to Agent-based Modeling MOOC

08 May 2017

The Introduction to Agent-based Modeling online course is opening for its second session on June 5th, 2017, and the course instructor, Bill Rand, is updating a large section of the course.  He talked to us about the lessons he learned from the 2016 course, what's new for 2017, and why he competes... Read more

Course Interview

Why vector and matrix algebra is fundamental to complex systems research  

16 Feb 2016

Anthony Rhodes, the instructor of Complexity Explorer’s Vector and Matrix Algebra tutorial, is currently finishing his PhD in mathematical sciences with an emphasis in machine learning.  His current project focuses on situational computer vision, in which a computer algorithm is... Read more

Course Interview

Sid Redner on his Introduction to Random Walks tutorial

17 Sep 2015

In this post we interview Sid Redner, the instructor for our new tutorial on an Introduction to Random Walks. Sid is a physicist and Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  Prior to joining the Santa Fe Institute as part of the resident faculty, Sid was Professor in the Boston University Physics... Read more

Course Interview

Liz Bradley brings back Nonlinear Dynamics

23 Aug 2015

Liz Bradley, the course instructor for Nonlinear Dynamics, takes a few minutes to describe her course, the changes she has made in this second offering of the course, and a little bit about her current research.  Liz Bradley is Professor at the University of Colorado, Department of Computer Science and... Read more

Course Interview

David Feldman describes his new course, Fractals and Scaling

12 Aug 2015

In this post we interview David Feldman, the instructor for our new "Fractals and Scaling" course. David Feldman is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at College of the Atlantic. He has twice offered a massive open online course (MOOC) on Chaos and Dynamical systems on the... Read more

Course Interview

Simon DeDeo talks about his "MaxEnt" tutorial

10 Jun 2015

In this post we interview Simon DeDeo, the instructor for our new Mathematics tutorial on “Maximum Entropy Methods”. Simon is an Assistant Professor in Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  He is affiliated with the Center for... Read more

Course Statistics

Course Statistics from Fall, 2014

04 Jan 2015

In this week's news story, we report on some statistics from our two online courses that ended in December:  Introduction to Complexity and Nonlinear Dynamics.  These statistics come from the surveys we ask participants to fill out at the beginning of the class, and from class results to date. 

Total... Read more


Introduction to Dynamics and Chaos: Enroll now!

02 Nov 2014

Have you always wanted to know what "chaos theory" means?  Is the "butterfly effect" real?    How far in advance can weather be predicted?  Why, exactly, does beer warm up? 

If you've been wondering about all this and more, you will definitely want to take Dave... Read more

Course video

Melanie Mitchell describes upcoming Introduction to Complexity course

22 Sep 2014

Melanie Mitchell describes our upcoming Introduction to Complexity course in this short video (3 minutes, 47 seconds).   This course has no prerequisites and is open to all!  Starts September 29, 2014. 

Course video

Liz Bradley Describes Her Upcoming Course

07 Sep 2014

Watch Liz Bradley describe her upcoming course in this short video (3 minutes, 42 seconds). 


Mathematics MOOC to be offered

30 Aug 2014

This fall, beginning on September 29th , we are excited to offer a new course:  “Mathematics for Complex Systems”.  While we’re calling it a “course”, it is meant to be a collection of independent units, each of which covers a particular mathematical technique that is important in complex... Read more


Introduction to Complexity course to be re-offered

30 Aug 2014

This fall we are pleased to be reoffering Melanie Mitchell’s popular “Introduction to Complexity” course.  This course will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the different tools employed by scientists in their work with complex systems.  Covered topics will include... Read more


Nonlinear Dynamics Course Starts September 29

14 Aug 2014

During our Fall term, Professor Liz Bradley will offer a 10-unit course called “Nonlinear Dynamics:  Mathematical and Computational Approaches.  This course starts September 29 and runs through December 14, 2014.    This course can be taken by anyone who has taken one semester of... Read more