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Functions and Iterations

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1.1 Functions » What is a function? (7:55) Download Video Subtitles & Transcripts

Here are links to a few other videos introducing the idea of a function:

  • A description of functions by Bart Snapp.  Uses the relationship between cat-years and human-years as the main example.

  • What is a function? by Jim Fowler.  This video is part of his MOOC on Calculus from The Ohio State University.


I think both of these videos are quite good. 

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If subtitles are available for a given video they can be accessed in the following way.  First, start and pause the video.  A tool bar will now be visible along the bottom of the video.  Second, click on the gear-shaped button located directly to the right of the “CC” button.  A list of available languages will be shown in the middle drop-down menu located in the box the opens after hitting the gear-shaped button.  Select the language you would like to use for subtitles and click on it.