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2.2 Faculty » Teaching Fellows

JonasJonas Dalege • Santa Fe Institute (US) •

Jonas's research focuses on developing and testing a network theory of individual attitudes. He aims to integrate network theory on attitudes with work on social network dynamics, focusing not only on single attitudes but on networks of beliefs.

TamaraTamara van der Does • Santa Fe Institute (US) •

Tamara is a computational sociologist interested in understanding how social and cultural environments shape inividual beliefs and identities. Her current projects explore the cultural development and individual consequences of symbolic boundaries (“us” versus “them”), and how beliefs and social identities change and interact with social networks.

MariaMaria del Rio Chanona • Complexity Science Hub Vienna (AT) •

Maria is a mathematician whose research draws from network science and agent-based modelling and focuses on labor economics, the future of work, green transition, and the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic.