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2.2 Faculty » Directors

Mirta Galesic • Santa Fe Institute (US) •

Mirta studies how simple cognitive mechanisms interact with properties of the external environment to produce seemingly complex social phenomena. Her projects focus on developing empirically grounded computational models of social judgments, social learning, collective problem solving, and opinion dynamics.

HenrikHenrik Olsson • Santa Fe Institute (US) •

Henrik is a cognitive scientist studying decision making, judgment under uncertainty, social cognition, categorization, and visual perception. His current work focuses on understanding how properties of individual decision strategies and social network structures affect group performance.

StefanStefan Thurner • Complexity Science Hub Vienna (AT) •

Stefan's research has ranged from fundamental physics, applied mathematics, and network theory to evolutionary systems, life sciences, economics and finance, and lately social sciences, including opinion formation, bureaucratic inefficiency, and collective human behavior.