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Introduction to Differential Equations

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About the Tutorial:

This tutorial contains excerpts from David Feldman's Dynamical Systems course.  Note that Complexity Explorer tutorials are meant to introduce students to various important techniques and to provide illustrations of their application in complex systems.  A given tutorial is not meant to offer complete coverage of its topic or substitute for an entire course on that topic.   

This tutorial is designed for beginning math students (those who have completed at least one year of high-school algebra but not calculus). 

About the Instructor(s):

David Feldman is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at College of the Atlantic.  From 2004-2009 he was a faculty member in the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School in Beijing, China.  He served as the school's co-director from 2006-2009.  Dave is the author of Chaos and Fractals: An Elementary Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2012), a textbook on chaos and fractals for students with a background in high school algebra.  He has twice offered a MOOC on Chaos and Dynamical systems on the Complexity Explorer site. Dave was a U.S. Fulbright Lecturer in Rwanda in 2011-12.





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At least one year of high-school algebra

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  1. The Idea of the Derivative
  2. Introduction to Differential Equations (Dave Feldman)
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Qualitative Solutions
  5. Computational Solutions
  6. Summary
  7. Unit 2 Homework