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Podcast Ep 3: Culture, Mutants & Your Mom with Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand

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08 Nov 2017

Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand explains the evolution of culture, art, and language amidst a sea of spice in episode 3 of the Green Chile Science podcast hosted by Paul Hooper.  Listen to the episode to see how this researcher of cultural evolution fared with the hottest green chile you can find in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You can follow the feed at   Listen to episode 3 here.

"Green chile burns through neurons" observes Vanessa - which might explain how the conversation moves from the evolution of culture, to digital art, to your mom, to cyborg bug-faced monsters.  You might think, as Vanessa did, that the green chile was spiked with vodka, but it is plenty powerful on its own! 

Like level-3 green chile, Vanessa's insights into cultural evolution will linger with you long after this podcast is finished.

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