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Podcast Episode 1: Religion, pain and bonding with Dr. Eleanor Power

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14 Jul 2017

Introducing Green Chile Science: An SFI Podcast

Complexity Explorer and the Santa Fe Institute are excited to announce the very first SFI Education Podcast.  Green Chile Science features the Director of Education, Dr. Paul Hooper, and guest scientists from the Santa Fe Institute.  Paul asks his guests to chat about their research while downing gut-searing green chile from the Horseman's Haven Café in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Click here to hear the pilot episode, and follow the feed at  

So why green chile? If you haven't spent time in New Mexico, you may not have tasted a burrito smothered in the stuff, or smelled it roasting in the streets in the fall.  It's an obsession here in Santa Fe, the home base of  Complexity Explorer and the Santa Fe Institute.  It doesn't take long for newcomers to fall in love with it either.  It was only natural to mix this deeply loved local ingredient together with the cutting-edge science of the Santa Fe Institute.  We hope you enjoy your first taste!

Green Chile Science Episode 1: Dr. Eleanor Power

Paul challenges Dr. Eleanor Power to discuss how religion and suffering bring people together... while eating mouth-scalding New Mexican green chile!  Eleanor Power is an anthropologist interested in how religious belief, practice, and identity interact with and shape interpersonal relationships. Click here to listen.


For a deeper religious experience, check out these papers of Dr. Power's:

Eleanor A. Power (2017) Social support networks and religiosity in rural South India. Nature Human Behaviour. 1:0057.

Eleanor A. Power (2017) Discerning devotion: Testing the signaling theory of religion. Evolution and Human Behavior. 38(1):82-91.


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