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Complex Adaptive Systems Masters Program

The Complex Adaptive Systems master's programme was developed during the last years of the 1990s by researchers in complex systems within the School of Physics: Kristian Lindgren, Mats Nordahl, and Peter Nordin. Their research interests spanned from statistical mechanics, information theory, and dynamical systems to computational, evolutionary and theoretical biology, computer science, societal systems, and theoretical and applied robotics. Kristian Lindgren and Mats Nordahl both had a background in physics and complex systems at Chalmers, with post docs and research visits at Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) in Copenhagen and Santa Fe Institute in the USA. The latter being a centre for complexity since the mid 1980s. Peter Nordin had a background in computer science and he early developed genetic programming. When arriving at Chalmers he set up a robotics lab involving a large group of students focusing on the constructions of the humanoid robot Elvis (named after its uncontrolled hip movements). This complex background lead to the wide range of courses that is still offered in the CAS programme with some revisions and extensions.

Chalmers University of Technology
Information Theory, Computation, Social Systems, Social Science, Biological Systems, Evolution, Master's Program

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