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Making Things Work: Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World

From Amazon: "Making Things Work describes how the concepts of complex systems can help in solving the complex problems facing us today. In easy to understand language, this book explains how effectively organizing people can solve complex problems in: ? healthcare ? education ? military conflict ? ethnic violence and terrorism ? third world development. When a problem is highly complex one person cannot solve it alone, but organizations of people can, if they know how to work together. Making Things Work explains why traditional organizations and traditional forms of control and planning are not effective for addressing these tasks. It draws on basic insights from complex systems research - emergence, complexity, patterns, networks and evolution to explain how effective teams form through cooperation and competition, and how to make non-hierarchical organizations effective at their tasks. Everyone can take away something from the practical and instructive problem-solving approach described in this book."

Y. Bar-Yam
Policy, Economics, Epidemiology, Public Health, Game Theory, Social Systems, Social Science, Scaling, Evolution

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