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ANU Centre for Complex Systems

The Centre for Complex Systems plays a major role in drawing together the disparate complex systems science interests at the Australian National University under the auspices of the National Institute of Physical Sciences (NIPS) . The aims of the Centre are: To provide a framework for bringing researchers together and stimulating interaction and synergy between them To promote innovative, interdisciplinary research through seminars and topical workshops To foster graduate education and research through summer schools The CCS continues the outreach activities of its predecessor, the Centre for Theoretical Physics, while fostering innovative application of the powerful tools of modern theoretical physics and applied mathematics to a wide range of problems from the physical to the biological sciences. A key feature in these systems is a large number of individual units interacting collectively and the emphasis is on the emergent behaviour beyond the elementary laws of interaction. The unifying theoretical and mathematical tools include statistical mechanics, many body theory and nonlinear dynamics, as well as numerical simulation. Academics and students of the University are invited to affiliate with the CCS.

Australian National University
Nonlinear Dynamics, Emergence, Statistical Physics