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Degree or Certificate Program

Certificate of Study in Complex Systems

At UVM, we offer a Certificate of Graduate Study in Complex Systems as a complement to graduate degrees across campus, or as a stand-alone post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate. In complex physical, biological, social and engineered systems, the self-organizing dynamics of interacting entities (be they molecules, cells, genes, bacteria, plants, birds, humans, nanobots, electrical substations, etc.) give rise to emergent system properties (such as consciousness, cancer, global warming, societies, etc.). Fortunately, many essential properties of such systems may be studied, modeled and understood using similar approaches, regardless of the application domain. Learning these cutting-edge complex systems approaches can help you move to the forefront of your field and stand out when competing in a tough job market. No Certificates of Graduate Study will be awarded retrospectively — no more than 3 courses completed prior to acceptance into a certificate program can count towards a Certificate. Confirmation that a Certificate of Graduate Study has been completed will be indicated on a student’s transcript. Students will also receive a paper certificate.

University of Vermont
Emergence, Complex Systems, Agent-Based Modeling, Networks