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Lagrange Project

he CRT Foundation, which since always has been supporting qualified research projects started and developed by the Piedmontese Universities, ranging from Turin Polytechnic to national and regional institutes, has decided to intervene in a structured and coordinated way in the research sector by starting the Lagrange Project. To guarantee the high level of excellence to pursue, the scientific coordination of such project will be managed by ISI Foundation (Institute for Scientific Interchange), of which CRT Foundation has been since 1983 among the founding members. The research sector that will be actively supported is that defined as that of the Challenge of Complex Systems, which has become nowadays a sort of paradigm of modernity. And, in this context, Turin and Piedmont have been considered to have reached national and international excellence levels in sectors such as IT, biology, quantum physics, neuroscience and economics, which allow - together with other disciplines - to accept the ambitious challenge of complexity coming form the scientific community: "complexity" to design, map and develop such interdisciplinary approach and area. The choice of entitling the project to Lagrange, the greatest mathematician and scientist born and lived in Turin and Piedmont, is a precise indication on the work methodology we want to apply. In fact, Lagrange represents the economics of Nature and the mystery of our ability to know it. Science has a general principle whose concept is simple and powerful at the same time showing a sort of absolute paradigm : the principle of minimum action. This principle has gone unchanged through time and the extraordinary developments of science, even the most recent ones, which have influenced so much our way of representing the Nature's laws. The Lagrange project intends to follow the principle of minimum action while looking for a multiplying effect of the resources invested by CRT Foundation and at the same time avoiding useless duplications of already existing projects and organizations.

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