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Singaporean Institute for Complexity Sciences

There is a growing number of scientific institutes in the world that have made complexity the focus of their activities, in many cases focusing on one particular area, or the implications of complexity on the existing disciplinary sciences. Only a small number of those institutes have started out to create a place that is dedicated to form a new kind of scientific research community, one emphasizing trans-disciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems. The Singaporean Institute for Complexity Sciences must be such a place, and distinguish itself from other institutes in the world by the original work that is done and the impact that work has on our understanding of complexity. The institute will act as a resource for other departments and institutes across NTU and Singapore. It will function as a scientific “water hole” where researchers—faculty, students and visitors—can interact, compare studies, and learn from each other. It will thereby promote research collaborations and interdisciplinary work. It will also energize researchers already working at NTU in this area and legitimize what they are doing within their discipline-based departments.

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