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Complexity Sciences Center @ UC Davis

The Complexity Sciences Center is creating a new kind of scientific research community within a university teaching environment. We emphasize transdisciplinary innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of common principles that arise in natural, built, and social systems.The Center currently is home to over 30 researchers from graduate students to faculty who are developing theory and applications of complex systems. Research themes include: Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks, Physics of Information and Novel Computation, Evolutionary Innovation and Biological Computation, and Individual Learning and Collective Cognition. The Center orchestrates a multidisciplinary teaching program for students in physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, and engineering. We are assembling a graduate specialization in the Physics of Complex Systems, currently including courses in the Physics of Information, Structure and Dynamics of Networks, Novel Computation, Computational Science Methods, Modeling Complex Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Statistical Physics, and Critical Phenomena and Scaling. Planned course topics include Cellular Automata, Pattern Formation and Self-Organization, Causal Inference, and Quantum Computational Mechanics.

University of California, Davis
Complex Systems, Computation, Information Theory, Physics, Mathematics, Master's Program