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Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling (Summer 2019)

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This course is no longer in session.

6.6 Wrapup » Final Model Assignment Text

Since Peer Reviews auto-hide after the deadlines are passed, I'm pasting in the details of the assignment here for students who examine this later.


You will upload your final model here. Please make sure that the model has a full info tab, and that the model contains enough documentation to explain the model.  You will be graded on:

  1. Model Scope
  2. Agent Selection
  3. Agent Properties
  4. Agent Actions
  5. Environment
  6. Order of Events
  7. Inputs and Output
  8. Model Execution
  9. User Interface
  10. Model Documentation

Reviewers will be asked to load your model, and run it several times exploring the results. You will be judged on how well your model matches the description of your model in the info tab. You will also be judged on whether your model executes without breaking, whether the interface is intuitive and follows good design principles, and in general on whether you have good model documentation.