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Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos (Fall 2018)

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3.5 Modeling Styles » Additional Reading (Optional)

Much has been written about different styles of models.  Here are some papers for those who want to dig deeper into this.  The first two papers I recommend especially highly

  • Levins, R. (2006). Strategies of abstraction. Biology and Philosophy, 21(5), 741-755. pdf

  • Joshua M. Epsetin (2008).  Why model?  Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation vol. 11, no. 4(12).  html pdf.
  • Levins, R. (1966). The strategy of model building in population biology. American scientist, 54(4), 421-431.  pdf

  • May, R. M. (2004). Uses and abuses of mathematics in biology. Science, 303(5659), 790-793. pdf