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Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos (Fall 2018)

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5.4 Logistic Equation Programs » Links to Programs

I put links to the logistic programs so you can find them easily when you are working on a quiz or the homework.

  • Click here for the program calculate orbits for the logistic equation and display the timeseries plot.
  • Click here for the program that will calculate the orbits for two different initial conditions, show their time series plots, and also plot the difference between the two orbits.
  • Click here for a program that will plot a bifurcation diagram.


Here is a zip file containing all the files needed to run all threeprograms on your own computer.  Make a folder on  your computer and download the zip file into it.  Then unzip the file.  The three files to open are time_series.html, initial_conditions.html, and bifurcation.html.  Open these in your favorite web browser, and you should be able run the programs in your browser.  If you encounter problems, please let one of us know or post a query on the forum.  It is possible that these instructions will need be modified slightly for different operating systems.