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Introduction to Complexity (2020)

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9.1 Welcome to Unit 9 » Welcome to Unit 9 from Instructor Santiago Guisasola

Hello everybody,

It has now been 9 weeks since we opened the course. If you have been doing one unit per week, you should now be learning about the science of networks.

If you are not yet at unit 9 there is nothing to worry about. But if this is the case, I would love to know where you are in the course. I would also like to know if you are taking the course slowly because of difficulties. If so, please bring these difficulties up and I will do my best to help you surpass them.

Once more I will mention that SFI is looking for volunteers to work on subtitle translations. If you are fluent in any other languages and would like to help, please visit this link. Thank you in advance.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that SFI is able to offer this course for free partly because of donations. If you are enjoying this class and would like to help sustain it, please consider donating. We are very grateful for this help. A link is provided below.

Please let me know how things are going, and if you have any questions.

Have a great week,