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Introduction to Complexity (2020)

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4.1 Welcome to Unit 4 » Welcome to Unit 4 from Instructor Santiago Guisasola

Hello everybody,

We are in week 4 of Intro to Complexity!

Last week I asked about your pace in the course. Many of you told me you are taking it slow, and asked it that is okay. As a reminder, this course runs longer than usual, and will be going into 2019. You are welcome to take your time with the course.

This week some of you have started Unit 4 - Information, Randomness, and Order. You will see how physicists and complex scientists are having fun with some theories originally developed for studying signal processing and data compression. If you think about it, data compression has A LOT to do with science, modeling, and how we understand our world.

I would like to use this email to also remind you of two things. Donations are very important for the maintenance and continual offering of this course and others. If you are enjoying the course and would like to ensure it continues, giving this opportunity to someone else in the future, please donate!

In addition, we are looking for subtitle volunteers. I mentioned this in my first email, and will mention it again every so often. If you are fluent in other languages and are interested in volunteering for the Santa Fe Institute, please let me know.

Thank you! Have a great week,