Complexity Explorer Santa Fe Institute


The Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Challenges are based on real world problems of central interest to organizations that choose to partner with us.  In a unique process designed to get at the core of a problem, these real world problems are stripped of their context and biases and presented to talented, up and coming complex systems scholars in an abstract form.  Complexity scholars from a wide array of backgrounds and scientific expertise all approach the abstracted problem, independently, using the tools, concepts and fundamental understanding of complex systems to help them in their task.  In the end, they must look for general characteristics of the system they are studying and consider the real-world applications and connections the abstracted system has.  Surprising insights and novel approaches emerge as a result.

This is not your average problem-solving challenge.  We deliberately strip away the specifics to offer what no one else can: innovative approaches grounded in rigorous complexity science.  

Find out for yourself what our complexity explorers can do.  Help us craft the next Complexity Challenge. 


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