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Why are some courses paid and some free? 

Tuition payments support a number of things:

  • the development and administration of the course itself
  • operating costs for Complexity Explorer 
  • the development of new content

In general, new courses are offered for tuition for the first three active sessions (periods with instructor assistance, access to exams, and an opportunity to earn a certificate), after which they are offered for free. This corresponds to the first three years of a course.

How do I pay for pay for courses? 

After enrolling in a course, a yellow band will appear at the top of the course page with a link to pay tuition. Tuition payments can be made through PayPal or with a credit card. Tuition can be paid on a sliding scale - the minimum tuition is $50, but if you would like to further support Complexity Explorer and SFI's online education programs, you may pay more. 

I can't use PayPal. What should I do? 

Complexity Explorer also provides an alternative credit card payment method. This can be found by clicking the link beneath the PayPal button on any course's tuition payment page. 

Can't use PayPal or a credit card? 

For students who cannot pay with either PayPal or a credit card, we highly encourage applying for a scholarship. If you do not receive a scholarship, you can also submit a check by mail to: 

Complexity Explorer 

Santa Fe Institute

1399 Hyde Park Road

Santa Fe, NM 87501 

How do I apply for scholarships? 

For each paid course, at the bottom of the tuition payment page there will be a link to a short application. Complexity Explorer offers scholarships for those facing significant financial hardship. Identify why you cannot pay the tuition at this time and relay some details regarding your intended use of the course. Most who apply for scholarships receive them.