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Complexity Explorer provides online courses and other educational materials related to complex systems science.  Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute, and is funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and by user donations.

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Sid 8 14 min

Sid Redner on his Introduction to Random Walks tutorial

17 Sep 2015

In this post we interview Sid Redner, the instructor for our new tutorial on an Introduction to Random Walks. Sid is a physicist and Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  Prior to joining the Santa Fe Institute as part of the resident faculty, Sid was Professor in the Boston University Physics... Read more

Liz bradley nonlinear copy 2

Liz Bradley brings back Nonlinear Dynamics

22 Aug 2015

Liz Bradley, the course instructor for Nonlinear Dynamics, takes a few minutes to describe her course, the changes she has made in this second offering of the course, and a little bit about her current research.  Liz Bradley is Professor at the University of Colorado, Department of Computer Science and... Read more

Feldmanfractal copy

David Feldman describes his new course, Fractals and Scaling

11 Aug 2015

In this post we interview David Feldman, the instructor for our new "Fractals and Scaling" course. David Feldman is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at College of the Atlantic. He has twice offered a massive open online course (MOOC) on Chaos and Dynamical systems on the... Read more

P6191064 copy 2

The Complexity Panel

27 Jul 2015

By Connor O'Neil

Every summer, graduate students and postdocs congregate at the Santa Fe Institute’s Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) for four weeks to learn, do research, and connect with like-minded peers.  It is an exciting and fast-paced environment that transforms the atmosphere at SFI.  Connor O’Neil of... Read more


Simon DeDeo talks about his "MaxEnt" tutorial

10 Jun 2015

In this post we interview Simon DeDeo, the instructor for our new Mathematics tutorial on “Maximum Entropy Methods”. Simon is an Assistant Professor in Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  He is affiliated with the Center for... Read more

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Current Courses


Class Introduction

Fractals and Scaling

Instructor: David Feldman

Prerequisites: Some high school algebra


Course began September 1, 2015. Enroll anytime before October 23, 2015.




Class Introduction

Nonlinear Dynamics

Instructor: Elizabeth Bradley


Calculus (derivatives), physics (introductory classical mechanics), and computer programming skills (language of your choice).


Course began September 1, 2015.  Enroll anytime before December 1, 2015. 



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