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Complexity Explorer provides online courses and other educational materials related to complex systems science.  Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute, and is funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and by user donations.

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December 2015 Update

1 Dec 2015

Give back in December

2015 is reaching an end and we are looking forward to next year - read on below to see more about the courses we will be offering in 2016! There are some familiar faces, and some exciting newcomers as well.  We also have a new story featuring three supporters of Complexity Explorer, and a challenge for you all to... Read more

Giving a gift copy
Interview Profile

Meet Gary, Gaetano, and Natalia, Complexity Explorer Star Supporters

1 Dec 2015

The thousands of complexity scholars who take part in our courses not only enrich their own knowledge, they also provide pivotal support to Complexity Explorer through donations, t-shirt purchases, and volunteer time.  We reached out to a few exceptional supporters to learn a little more... Read more

Scarpino pic 1 copy

Q & A with Sam Scarpino - Developments in Disease Surveillance

9 Nov 2015

This story forms part of a series of interviews highlighting the work of experts in the field of complex systems science. Dr. Sam Scarpino is an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute and an alumnus of the Santa Fe Institute’s 2010 Complex Systems Summer School. He will soon be joining the... Read more

Dunne 3 20 2015 head

The Web of Life and the Ecological Human: In Summary

13 Oct 2015

Over the course of two nights in September, SFI’s Vice President for Science Jennifer Dunne presented two talks on the broad topic of “The Web of Life” to the public of Santa Fe. Her talks, titled “The Hidden Order of Complex Ecosystems” and “The Ecological Human,” were... Read more

Liz bradley nonlinear copy 2
Course Interview

Liz Bradley brings back Nonlinear Dynamics

22 Aug 2015

Liz Bradley, the course instructor for Nonlinear Dynamics, takes a few minutes to describe her course, the changes she has made in this second offering of the course, and a little bit about her current research.  Liz Bradley is Professor at the University of Colorado, Department of Computer Science and... Read more

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Available Courses

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Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches (Fall 2015)

Course Dates:

1 Sep 2015 to 8 Dec 2015


Liz Bradley


Calculus (derivatives), physics (introductory classical mechanics), and computer programming skills (language of your choice).

About the course:

This course provides a broad introduction to the field of nonlinear dynamics, focusing both on the mathematics and the computational tools that are so important in... read more

All tutorials

Check out our many tutorial offerings

Tutorials are short “mini-courses” designed to introduce students to important techniques and to provide illustrations of their application in complex systems. A given tutorial is not meant to offer complete coverage of its topic or substitute for an entire course on that topic.

Tutorials differ from our courses in a several ways:

  • They are always available; there is no set time to complete them.
  • They have quizzes and homework, but no tests. Tutorials do not offer a grade or a.... Read more

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