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Melanie Mitchell describes upcoming Introduction to Complexity course

22 Sep 2014

Melanie Mitchell describes our upcoming Introduction to Complexity course in this short video (3 minutes, 47 seconds).   This course has no prerequisites and is open to all!  Starts September 29, 2014. 


Liz Bradley Describes Her Upcoming Course

7 Sep 2014

Watch Liz Bradley describe her upcoming course in this short video (3 minutes, 42 seconds). 

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Mathematics MOOC to be offered

30 Aug 2014

This fall, beginning on September 29th , we are excited to offer a new course:  “Mathematics for Complex Systems”.  While we’re calling it a “course”, it is meant to be a collection of independent units, each of which covers a particular mathematical technique that is important in complex systems research.    While some participants will want to complete all the units, we... Read more


Introduction to Complexity course to be re-offered

30 Aug 2014

This fall we are pleased to be reoffering Melanie Mitchell’s popular “Introduction to Complexity” course.  This course will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of the different tools employed by scientists in their work with complex systems.  Covered topics will include dynamics, chaos, fractals, information theory, self-organization, agent-based modeling, and... Read more

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Video Subtitling Project

30 Aug 2014

We at Complexity Explorer are thrilled by the progress currently being made on subtitling efforts by our dedicated team of volunteers.  We have received a truly overwhelming response to our call for assistance.  Presently, nearly 300 individuals from around the world are helping to create subtitles for our course videos in 34 languages.  We are incredibly grateful to our amazing volunteers for their hard work.  Thank... Read more

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Upcoming Courses (Fall, 2014)


September 29th

Introduction to Complexity


September 29th

Nonlinear Dynamics:  Mathematical and Computational Approaches


September 29th

Mathematics for Complex Systems



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