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About Complexity Explorer

Complexity Explorer is a web-based repository of educational materials related to complex systems science. Currently under development by researchers and educators at the Santa Fe Institute and Portland State University, Complexity Explorer hosts SFI’s online courses, as well as an extensive complex systems glossary and easily searchable databases of syllabi and other resources related to complex systems topics. Complexity Explorer will also host a “Virtual Laboratory” consisting of open-source simulation programs illustrating complex systems ideas, theories, and tools, accompanied by curricula designed for both teachers and independent learners who want to take advantage of these simulations. All content of the Complexity Explorer website will be open to anyone.

About the Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center, founded in 1984, where leading scientists grapple with some of the most compelling and complex problems of our time.

Researchers come to the Santa Fe Institute from universities, government agencies, research institutes, and private industry to collaborate across disciplines, merging ideas and principles of many fields -- from physics, mathematics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities -- in pursuit of creative insights that improve our world.

The Institute's scientific and educational missions are supported by philanthropic individuals and foundations, forward-thinking partner companies, and government science agencies.



Project Leaders:

Melanie Mitchell (Professor, Portland State University and Santa Fe Institute, Interim McKinnon Family VP for Education and Outreach)

Gabrielle Beans (Program Manager, Online Education, Santa Fe Institute)

Program Assistant:


Course Instructors (to date):

Melanie Mitchell, Portland State University and Santa Fe Institute

David Feldman, College of the Atlantic

Liz Bradley, University of Colorado, Boulder and Santa Fe Institute

Tutorial Instructors (to date):

David Feldman, College of the Atlantic

Liz Bradley, University of Colorado, Boulder and Santa Fe Institute

Simon DeDeo, Indiana University and Santa Fe Institute

Sid Redner, Santa Fe Institute

Anthony D. Rhodes, Portland State University


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Bot & Rose Design, Portland, OR


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